BOTR Mars Rover Competition 2018

Mission Summary:

 To design and implement a system with a rocket capable of reaching a designated target altitude and safely deploy a rover capable of safe landing, image capture, and locomotion.

Mission Overview:

  1. At apogee (1200 ft), altimeter signals for drogue chute deployment

  2. At 800ft, the main chute deploys, and the altimeter signals a secondary ejection charge to push the nose cone and rover from the body tube.

  3. The nose cone and body tubes descend safely to the ground.

  4. An accelerometer onboard the rover detects ejection and begins operating controlled descent phase.

  5. On touchdown, the controlled descent mechanism is released as first marker

  6. The accelerometer signals that the rover is in Idle phase

  7. The rover drives forward 10 ft and releases second marker.

  8. The rover turns 360° and takes four photographs (Each 90° apart)

  9. The rover turns 90° and drives forward 10ft.


Rocket Design


Rover Design

If you have any questions about this competition please email us at also a video of our launch can be found at

  1. Justin Becker

    Computer Engineering

  2. Matthew Bernstein

    Aerospace Engineering

  3. Victor Cheung

    Mechanical Engineering

  4. Kenneth Jiang

    Computer Science

  5. Mannuel Lacarra

    Aerospace Engineering

  6. Adam Sand

    Mechanical Engineering

  7. Alexander Yu

    Computer Science