2017 BOTR Mars Rover Competition

 Mission Statement:

Terrapin Galactic’s mission objective is to successfully and safely launch a dual deployment rocket with a self-contained lander payload that will perform autonomous operations.  In doing this, Terrapin Galactic will follow all the core and minimum requirements laid out by the “Battle of the Rockets™ 2017 Competition Guide.”  Terrapin Galactic will also take additional safety precautions prior to launch date while simultaneously running multiple simulations to uphold the integrity of the competition.  

Launch and Descent Operations:

  1. Rocket takes off via powered flight

  2. Rocket loses thrust from the motor and continues in unpowered flight till apogee

  3. At apogee the rocket deploys drogue parachute via ignition charges

  4. NCP and lander deploy at 800 ft via ignition charges

  5. Rocket parts and lander safely land

Lander Operations:

  1. Lander ejects from rocket and immediately deploys parachute

  2. Descent occurs all the way to the ground

  3. Lander petals open

  4. Radio contact is made with lander

  5. Lander takes tests and transmits results to ground station

Rocket Design

Rocket Design

Lander Design

Lander Design

Here is a link to the launch video https://youtu.be/eOp8DnaUO78.

Team Members:

Becker, Justin - Computer Science

Bernstein, Matthew - Aerospace Engineering

Cheung, Victor - Mechanical Engineering

Harada, Caleb - Physics, Astronomy

Jiang, Kenneth - Computer Science

Lacarra, Manuel - Aerospace Engineering

Roberts, Issac - Aerospace Engineering

Shriner, Sean - Aerospace Engineering

Yu, Alexander - Computer Science